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Pair of Spridget Rebuilt Front Lever Shocks (All Spridgets)

Pair of Spridget Rebuilt Front Lever Shocks (All Spridgets)

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Many squirrelly Sprites are made tight with new front shocks. Bounce your front fender and if damping is lacking, you need new shocks. Shocks should be changed in pairs, and you'll need new bushings, too! (You may end up needing the front shock bolts as well!)

This item requires your old shocks back for rebuild for the next customer. A core charge of $160 will be automatically added to your order, and this will be refunded when we get a pair of good rebuildable cores back in our shop. Net cost to you for the pair of shocks is $579.95 after you return your cores. Postage is not included, you will need to pack and send back your shocks at your expense.

CORE NOTE: There will be a deduction from your core refund if any of the following effect rebuildability: missing/broken/damaged valves, covers, arms, and clinch bolts. Also if the unit is seized, cracked or has oversized mounting holes. 

You should also consider replacing the shock buffers while you're there!

Here is an example of a bounce test, if your Bugeye does this, you need shocks!


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