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3-Point Inertia Seat Belts (pair) - All British Cars

3-Point Inertia Seat Belts (pair) - All British Cars

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We strongly encourage all Spridget owners to use this seat belt system. There are no guarantees, but these belts could help ensure that you don't hit your face on the steering wheel in a low speed impact. These are specially designed to work in any Spridget. Every vintage car needs a set!

We like the chrome buckle for a vintage look and feel. (we're not fans of the plastic stalks sometimes used on three point belts, they don't look or feel "vintage.")

These attractive inertia reel belts are what we use almost exclusively on cars that leave our workshop. We particularly like them because they are less apt to flip-out and chip the rocker panels and thus chip the paint... non-inertia belts often flop out of the car and can leave scratches, especially when your passenger is not careful. These instead retract behind the seats and are less apt to damage your finish.

Plus, this inertia belt makes most drivers feel more at one with their car! There is just enough tension on your shoulder to make you feel connected to the seat and thus to the chassis. They do come with a (removable) sliding fork that acts as a stop, however, a gizmo that allows you or your passenger to set the belt tension a little looser so that the belt parks across the chest with a tad of slack.

We've used them in Big Healeys, MGBs, MGT series and all Triumphs too!  Install is fairly straight forward but if you are unsure about it, any shop should be able to install these pretty quickly.

These belts are not handed - you can mount on either side of the car.INSTALLATION NOTE: Bolt the retractor flat to the wheel arch as shown in the pictures above. You will need to drill one hole for mounting the retractor, use a through bolt with a washer on the backside to anchor it. These kits come with different length bolts - use the best size for your application (Lengths needed can vary based on interior flooring material). You may need to get additional fender washers for installation.

Dave's tip:

Dress up your Spridget with color coordinated belts! Dark blue is delightful in all Iris blue cars, for example, and our exclusive dark red is sweet if you have a red interior. But don't stop there... we offer an array of custom colors...check out the photo of green Gumby with silver belts to match the silver stripes! If you need a special order color please E-mail and we can get just about anything for you.

Black with red stripes are shown below. Call to order your own custom belts such as these!

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