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Austin Healey Sprite Digital Solid State Regulator (Price includes core charge) Mechanical - Bugeye

Digital Solid State Regulator (Price includes PG core charge)

$ 99.95

We're really excited to offer another great innovation!

We have seen many Sprites (and other British cars that use this same regulator) with dead batteries due to regulator failure. Without the points working properly in the stock product, the generator doesn't replenish the battery, and it will eventually go dead.

In addition, an improperly adjusted or dirty regulator can really mess up the amount of juice flowing from the generator to the battery... whether too much or too little, the originals are often set up improperly.

This new solid state product is a fantastic innovation that does the job right every time.

These new solid state electronic regulators replace all the old moving parts with modern circuitry with no moving parts. They are able to test and adjust voltage 60 times a second to make sure your battery, electrical system and dynamo communicate correctly and do not get damaged. Regulator points become a thing of the past, yet the product (from the outside) looks exactly the same as the stock Lucas unit. 

This digital regulator is made entirely in the US, including the processors and chips. They are fit into Original Lucas regulator bodies and therefore look entirely stock once installed. This is a must have for every generator powered British car with this screw type regulator. This innovation eliminates one more British electrical gremlin!

The positive solid state regulators are a Bugeyeguy exclusive, hence the higher pricing. There is a core charge included for your old regulator of $40 for positive returns only. Please return cores to Bugeyeguy, 59 N Harbor St, Branford CT 06405 for credit.

NOTE: We stock both positive and negative ground units. The original Lucas regulator doesn't care which way the car is grounded but the solid state version does. Please check your battery polarity and order accordingly from our drop down menu. We cannot be responsible for damage to the solid state regulator that will occur if you install an negative ground regulator in a positive ground car, or vice versa. If you are unsure if your car is negative or positive ground, please call or email and we will help you confirm your polarity.

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