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Austin Healey Sprite Ready to install ignition switch Interior - Bugeye

Ready to install ignition switch, with basic switch

$ 159.95

The components for your Bugeye ignition switch can be fussy, and if you are not patient, difficult to assemble and get right. Moreover, the parts require minor modifications to get them all to fit together just right. We’ve done all the fettling for you, and now offer complete assemblies, fully sorted and fit properly so that the key cylinder is flush with the bezel, and the bezel is properly locked in place.
With this complete kit, you can simply install and wire up the switch without hassling with the switch components. Our custom guillotine is included, which locks everything to the dashboard just right. The original switches came with what amounts to a useless paperclip, and if you ever wrestled with one, you'll understand why the guillotine is a brilliant innovation. It clamps the ignition switch, and then anchors to the dashboard, so that the body of your new ignition switch will finally be rigidly anchored to your dashboard! All pieces are also sold separately... this item is the complete assembly including the guillotine.
A few install notes:  
Make sure that disconnect battery power prior to installing your new switch, since you will be disconnected live wires.
Although not necessary, it is easier to complete this install if you remove your turn signal switch.
The two larger screws that hold the guillotine together need to be oriented upwards for you to be able to access them with the allen key.

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