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Austin Healey Sprite Stamped VIN plate  - Bugeye

Stamped VIN plate

$ 74.95

Many of our cars come with trashed VIN plates and on a great restoration, it’s delightful to have a clean and fresh one. Send us a copy of your title and we will stamp you a new matching plate, which you can mount on the frame under the carbs where it belongs. We’ll provide a new plate stamped to match your paperwork.

Restorer's notes:

The VIN plate shown on the green car is in the correct location under the carbs where the down pipe passes through the frame, with the correct phillips head sheet metal screws in place. The plate is on backwards however, and should be facing outward, not inward as shown. The slotted screws in the black car shown are not correct. Vin plate mountings seem quite variable on these cars, so it is common to see quite an array of mountings.

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