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Used Full Fuel Injection Setup for 1275 Sprite with Cross-Flow Aluminum Head

Used Full Fuel Injection Setup for 1275 Sprite with Cross-Flow Aluminum Head

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Boost your Spridget or classic MINI Cooper and get rid of all the reliability issues!!! For sale is a rare opportunity to buy a COMPLETE 1275 transformation kit at a fraction of the new price.

We took a stock 1275 engine and modified it with this head and the fuel injection kit sold here, all designed for 1275 engines by Specialist Components in the UK. We got rid of the distributor, choke, carbs and many of the reliability issues for this wonderful four port EFI system. We have since converted this particular car to a supercharger set up, so here is a chance to have your own fuel injected Spridget or Mini at a fraction of the replacement cost.

The billet head alone is a special upgrade... it's a custom machined four port fuel injection head and is still like new! Also included is a new fuel tank, new stainless exhaust header... these and all the other pieces are virtually brand new. This kit was used for about 1000 miles and then removed in favor of a new supercharger kit we are developing.

This is a complete fuel injection setup with upgraded aluminum cross-flow cylinder head and everything required to convert any 1275cc-powered Sprite or Midget to fuel injection, including, but not limited to:

Complete fuel injection intake manifold with four port injectors and fuel rail, pre-mounted to an upgraded aluminum cross-flow cylinder head, billet head with four injector ports-this is not a two port replacement of the carbs but instead a custom head machined for this direct injection with one injector per cylinder!
Upgraded air filter
Swirl Pot fuel pump and associated fuel hardware
Exhaust header with custom bung for Oxygen (Lambda) Sensor
Wiring Harnesses and O2, water temp and crank sensors
Control unit and cables for programming
Direct Ignition Coil With Spark Plug Wires
Crankshaft position sensor with reluctor wheel
Assorted pulleys
Mounting bracketry
Nearly new fuel Tank with Added bung for fuel return line (Tank is stock- Sprite fuel tank with bung for return line welded in place (Not Pictured)
Fuel Lines (coiled to fit into a box for shipping purposes, will need to be re-formed for specific application)

This kit was used in a Bugeye and can be used in any 1275 application. In a classic Mini, the fuel tank and header will not work, but the rest of the kit will work just fine in any 1275.

Here is a video of the fuel injection in action in our Bugeye!

NOTE: Multiple boxes will be required to ship this kit. Should actual shipping rates be greater than the price quoted, there may be a supplemental shipping charge, depending on your location.

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