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Tri Bar Vintage Headlights with Upgraded LED Bulbs- PL700- Sold As A Pair (All Spridgets)

Tri Bar Vintage Headlights with Upgraded LED Bulbs- PL700- Sold As A Pair (All Spridgets)

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This is an awesome innovation that is only possible now because of new LED technology. Now you can have the best of old AND new. Sold as a pair.

We take a great Lucas PL 700 tri bar headlight reproduction lens and load it with a high tech LED headlight bulb, to give you the vintage look we all love by day and white hot light by night. It's significantly brighter, which all our aging eyes will really appreciate. Even more exciting is the 35 watt draw for these bulbs, (less than stock 55 watt headlight bulbs), which reduces the load and heat produced in your car. Less draw and more light... that's the LED advantage. It’s a win/win set-up that you will enjoy on your first moonless curvy country road!

I have posted pictures of the before and after… you’ll notice Goldie has stock yellow and dimmer lights and Berkley (the green car) with LED bulbs puts out a much whiter and brighter light. The LED is clearly brighter.

Don't be confused by the plug on the back of the bulb... this male plug merely plugs into your female receptacle that normally plugs onto the back of a conventional headlight bulb.

NOTE: These bulbs (and all LEDs) will flicker slightly at idle speed if you are running a stock generator. (This might even help make your car more visible to others.) If you are running our generator/alternator or an alternator, this flickering will not occur.

NOTE 2: The LED conversion kits are only currently available for negative-ground applications. We are awaiting verification/parts availability for positive ground cars.

Call if you need more information! Plug and play installation.

If you just want these powerful LED bulbs to use in your existing H4 bulbs, click here to order.

NOTE: The cars pictured are running our LED park light kit, which is also available in our catalog by clicking here.

Here is a short video showing how great these lamps look!

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