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Austin Healey Sprite Tar Top Lucas Battery  - Bugeye

Tar Top Lucas Battery

$ 324.95

This is one of the coolest things you can add under the hood of your Bugeye. It looks like a 1958 battery, but inside lives a modern maintenance-free power house, with 750 CCA, enough to start a diesel Bugeye on a cold morning. Use it like a premium modern battery, and score points for the correct vintage look. Specify positive ground or negative ground. Not returnable. Plastic caps on top are for looks only and not functional. This is the battery we used on our gold medal concours winner.

BTW, most Bugeyes are used infrequently and the batteries are prone to early failure, particularly when they are left less than fully charged. Thus we suggest the best battery possible for greatest longevity and cranking power. Even though these little engines don't require a lot of power to start, the best battery will last longest.

Why do we ask you to specify positive or negative when the battery itself doesn't care? It's all about the position of the terminals and ease of hooking up the battery. When you specify positive ground, the positive terminal is on the right side when viewing the battery as shown with the terminals on the back side of the battery. This way, you won't have to change your battery cables from the stock configuration. Check your current battery position before you order. Or choose "positive" if you want a concours look.

Negative ground orders will give you a battery with the negative lead on that same right terminal you see in the left image below. If your car has been converted to negative ground this would be the battery to order.

Battery measures 10.25" x 6.75" x 9"h (to the top of post), weighs 35 lbs

Feel free to call if you have questions.

This item is made to order with a lead time of 6 weeks.

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