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Austin Healey Sprite Sport Muffler - with Chrome Tip Exhaust - Bugeye

Sport Muffler - with Chrome Tip

$ 99.95

This is a great muffler if you want something a little louder than stock but our Bugeyeguy muffler is too sporty for you. Not as raspy, more like American muscle, without the American (or the muscle). It's a nice note. I like it, it sounds more like a performance muffler than a stock one.

This chamber is mild steel and comes with a chrome tip. It's got 1.75 inch inlet and outlet pipes, so you might need to adapt your center pipe to fit. The muffler chamber fits perfectly though, which is more than I can say for the generic twin-tipped performance muffler you often see out there, which is way too long for this application.

You will also need to rig a hanger over the tail pipe up to your trunk floor. It's easiest if you bring this to your local muffler shop and have them hang it for you.

This muffler comes with a great chrome tip, it is a tight fit to get it on there but that keeps it from rattling while you are bombing around in your Sprite. 


19" long overall

8.5" wide

1.75" ID

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