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Austin Healey Sprite Non-Carpet Bugeye Interior Interior - Bugeye

Non-Carpet Bugeye Interior

$ 574.95

Finally! Here’s a non-carpet solution for your Bugeye interior!

Bugeyes were originally delivered with rubber floor mats throughout. Most of these inexpensive rubber mats have long since worn out and been discarded. Thus most restorers use carpet, which is an elegant solution that has become widely accepted, even though no Bugeye ever came with any carpet when new. Carpet works great, and we developed our own custom kit (which we sell on this site). Still, there is something very un-Bugeye about carpet.

In fact, when preparing a concours car, carpet is expressly forbidden, otherwise your car is heavily penalized. We set out to provide a great solution, and are proud to offer a hardura kit that now allows anyone to restore a Bugeye with a more authentic rubberized interior finish. We used this kit in the concours car we brought to the Gettysburg Enclave and this kit helped us to win gold certification. That was an impressive testimonial!

We put a lot of time into our carpet kit and that option is actually less expensive than this kit. But we still offer this for anyone who thinks carpet in a Frogeye is sacrilege. This kit replaces carpet. Choose either carpet or this non carpet kit.

So here's what comes with this custom kit:

Hardura (non-carpet) tunnel mat

Hardura rear shelf mat

Hardura trunk mat

Hardura wheel arch covers

Fiberboard rear quarter inner panels

Rubber footwell mats

Rubber aft of threshold mats (these go behind threshold and in front of seats)

Aluminum threshold covers (for the threshold in front of the seats)



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