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Austin Healey Sprite NEW Fiberglass Bugeye Nose Exterior - Bugeye

NEW Fiberglass Bugeye Nose

$ 1,095.00

This is a new fiberglass nose with nice accurate reproduction fender beading. The shape is nice too, and we have successfully fit these before to Bugeyes in our shop. Cowl fit is good, as is the vertical fit at the A pillars. It's a nice product.

To fit to your car, you will have to cut out the headlight and park light holes to transfer your lights over to this nose. You will also have to drill holes to fit your grill as well as cut out the grill opening. No bonnet lock is included, which is irrelevant if you use a flip forward configuration. If you instead use the original hinge location, you can install any used lock assembly or we have new ones for sale. The nose comes primed and additional priming and sanding will be needed before you paint the nose to match your car.

The time to fit, prep and paint one of these noses if far less than the usual repair required on a used steel nose, plus you save a lot of weight with this product. It's nice to shave weight for performance, but also really nice when you lift the nose for service... these glass noses are extremely light at 34 lbs - 45 lbs lighter than a steel nose!

Shipping is by truck freight for this item and will get calculated after purchase, usually around $150. We will invoice you for the actual shipping cost.

We have added as series of pictures of the last nose we fit to a car here. You should be able to see the nice fit we attained by pre fitting the nose before paint was applied. All the gaps and proportions are quite nice-this is a good product.

This particular red car shown came to us with a grill with no "eyebrow" over the top so we fit it onto the glass nose. If you have the correct stock grill, it will fit fine, you will simply need to drill all the holes for the pins, which you should also do before paint is applied. Pre-fitting will help avoid scratches later!

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