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Austin Healey Sprite Bugeye Sprite combination light and ignition switch Interior - Bugeye

Bugeye Sprite combination light and ignition switch

$ 93.95

This switch is the centerpiece for every Bugeye dashboard, and thus essential. We have these in stock and ready to ship.

And while you are at it, make sure to purchase one of our ignition switch guillotines, which makes installation significantly easier. All switches come with the mounting clip as shown, but getting those reproduction clips to work is very difficult! Our guillotine makes mounting easy. 

Please note some minor modification may be required to the switch and/or bezel to ensure proper fit, as the switches that are currently available have inconsistencies and are difficult to assemble. Or leave the hard part to us and pick up one of our ready-to-install ignition switches, complete with basic switch, lock cylinder w/keys, switch bezel and guillotine - fully assembled and ready to install.

Exclusive: Our switch has been improved and will not fail when you put in the key assembly. You might find this part available elsewhere for less $, but ours is modified so that it won't explode when you push in the lock cylinder!

Keys and lock assembly sold separately, use the drop down to add that to your order. 



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