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Fuel injection kit for 1275 Spridgets

Fuel injection kit for 1275 Spridgets

$ 3,695.00

Here's a really cool alternative to your worn SU carbs! This is a complete kit to transform your Spridget to an EFI marvel. Do away with your distributor, Carbs, points, everything that is less than reliable... and replace it all with this electronic kit. No choke. No hassles, just turn the key and the electronic brain does the rest! It knows temp and throttle setting, and manages fuel flow so you get the most from your engine. Works great on supercharged and normally aspirated engines.

This is the complete kit used in the silver and red bugeye shown below. You'll get everything shown in that build to upgrade to EFI. A swirl pot high pressure fuel pump is included. On our build, you will see that mounted on the Bugeye battery shelf, but it can also be mounted on the rear bulkhead underneath in back.

Installation shown here includes a supercharger upgrade, which is not required or included in this kit, although we have this custom Bugeye kit too! Call or email if interested!

This is a fun upgrade for advanced builders and requires a lap top for fine tuning after installation.

Come for a drive in an injected Bugeye with this exact kit in the link below!

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