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Austin Healey Sprite Performance tire set for any Spridget -175/70 R13 radials (set) Exterior - Bugeye

Performance tire set for any Spridget -175/70 R13 radials (set)

$ 311.80

We've found the right tires for your Sprite so you don't have to look any further!

Nothing quite helps the ride quality of a Spridget like fresh rubber. Most tires on classic cars dry out before the tread wears out, so they lose their resilience. With new tires, everything gets better… ride quality, braking and cornering.

We've been using Kumho Solus tires on Sprites for some time with good results and now we are excited to offer them for sale in our catalog. Kumho has been a great brand for us and we appreciate their support of the 13 inch tire market where there are limited choices. We sell two types— 155 X 13 and 175/70 X13, both TA11 models featuring twin steel-belt construction. The original tires were 145s. 155 works fine and gives you a little more traction. If you want more performance, go with 175s. Keep in mind that the wider 175 tires may hit the front inner fender wells when turning the steering wheel to full lock. So if you are at all worried about fit, go with the 155s. These are all black wall tires. (We also sell white walls, click here to order those). These tires fit the original steel type or any 5 inch wide alloy wheel too.

Some have asked us about 14 inch tires but we discourage changing wheel size. Larger rims change the ride quality and steering feel. Also, going to any tire size wider than 175 is not recommended without further mechanical modifications.

Order your 175 tires by clicking on the drop down menu above. Select four or five tires depending on your needs.

For narrower 155 tires for your Spridget, click here!

Treadwear of 700


***This item does not qualify for free shipping promotions 

 You'll notice we charge $79 to ship a set of four tires. In some cases, shipping to certain regions costs us more, but a recent order within the tri-state area (CT/NY/NJ) was $50. In the event we are able to do better than $79, we'll gladly refund the difference!


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