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“Never have I met a vendor so sharing in a passion to get it right, to enjoy the spirit of the Sprite, and infect others to join the tribe!”
- John P., Kansas

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Pure Bugeye T-Shirt

Pure Bugeye T-Shirt

$ 19.95

I will confess that I am on a quest to design the ultimate Bugeye Sprite T- shirt. These are the foundation of my daily uniform, so I have to like them, because I wear a different one every day. Below is our latest design, the "Pure" Bugeye shirt. 100 percent cotton, crew neck, in Forest green, which is the closest we could find to match leaf green, dark green, British racing green and everything in between (tattoos not included, those are permanently attached to the t-shirt model, although we will work on some Bugeye stick on tattoos too). Our logo adorns one sleeve.

Order yours today! These are expected in early November, pre order today, allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

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