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Austin Healey Sprite Aluminum Radiator for 948, 1098 and 1275 Sprites Mechanical - Bugeye

Aluminum Radiator for 948, 1098 and 1275 Sprites

$ 399.95

There is no such thing as too much cooling. All British cars tend to run hot. This radiator is one of the best upgrades anyone can add to their car. These radiator provide superior cooling. Aluminum transfers heat better. Your car will thank you!

Lots of Sprite heat up in traffic, especially in peak summer driving season. My pet peeve is long lines at car show gateways, where there are often long lines of rapidly overheating British show cars. I once saw a TR6 expire in a cloud of steam while waiting in line to showcase a beautiful restoration. An aluminum radiator was not present.

This upgraded two row radiator is essential in hot climates. We tested one in Palm dessert in 100 degree plus Bugeye driving with good results. They are also great if you  drive often in heavy traffic, have a modified Bugeye, or plan to supercharge your Sprite. It bolts right in and looks wonderful in your Austin Healey Sprites engine bay!

These pair well with a 6 blade fan, check those out by clicking here.

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