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Austin Healey Sprite Dual Master Cylinder Brakes - Bugeye

Dual Master Cylinder 7/8"

$ 154.95

This is the best master we have found and what we use on all the cars that come through our shop.

Ours has the correct, original screws holding the top in place, as well as the correct, original metal cap. The plastic caps you see on many aftermarket replacements are not correct and easy to strip if you over-tighten. Metal capped masters are the way to go!

This product has a 7/8 bores just like the stock master. We use this master on both disc and drum brake cars. Some people like to use a 3/4 bore master when changing to front disk brakes, but we prefer 7/8 for both drum and disk, primarily because we find the 3/4 bore master makes the brake pedal too spongy. Whenever 3/4 bore master equipped cars come to our shop, the pedal feels too spongy. I have used a 7/8 master on Gumby with disc brakes since 1979, and prefer the quick and firm pedal action of that set up and I believe you will too. 

This is a great quality direct replacement for your old leaky / worn out dual master. We have had good longevity with this replacement and have field tested it on many Sprites.

Installation note: When removing and installing the master, it's strongly recommended to use a crow foot wrench since the lines are in such tight quarters. It's very difficult to get a tight seat when trying to use a traditional wrench. 

Installer's Note 2: Check the length of your push rods before installing the new master cylinder. 2 different lengths of push rods were used depending on the size of the bore of the master and it's impossible to know who has installed what over the years. The correct push rod length for the 7/8" master is 4 1/8". If you find your car has shorter (about 3 11/16" or so) push rods installed, we offer the longer rods for sale here.

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