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Austin-Healey Bugeye Sprite Sidecurtain Wallet

$ 119.95

This next new product solves an age-old challenge–how to keep nice sidecurtains from getting scratched while they are in the boot! Our Bugeye Sprite Side curtain bag solves that problem! We’ve designed a handsome vinyl pouch to protect your valuable sidecurtains so they won’t be all scratched-up when you need them! I’ve driven a bugeye at night in the rain with scratched sidecurtain windows… it’s dangerous! The scratches refract outside lights and make driving very difficult. This product will stop your curtains from sliding around in the boot when you make spirited turns in your Sprite… and it will keep the window clean and clear.

Each side curtain wallet holds two side curtains, each has two individual soft-lined pouches, one per side curtain, to keep the windows scratch-free. Like a wallet, the bag opens flat to allow side curtain access, and then folds shut and snaps closed so that it fits easily in the boot.

Available in black with white piping, black with black piping, or grey with dark red piping.

We also have new Frogeye Sprite Side Curtains available for sale here.


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